Customer Service

Remaned Engine Product Information 

  • Our remanufactured Engines are complete. We completely disassemble & clean with the Enviro-Quip Washing System.
  • We replace all pistons, rings, rod bearings, rod bushings, Cir clips, piston pins, main bearings, thrust bearings, rear wear sleeves, front wear sleeves, water pumps, thermostats, injectors, seals, and gaskets.
  • We replace the following parts only if they do not meet Kubota specifications: crank, cam, blocks, heads, injection pump, lift pump, front gears, front cover, valve cover, front pulley and nut, oil pan, and oil pump.All cast parts are inspected, checked for cracks, and machined to Kubota specs. Cylinder blocks are bored and honed.
  • We do not weld or remanufacture parts. Parts that do not meet Kubota specs are replaced with NEW OEM Kubota parts.
  • We will rebuild your engine to customer specifications in about 10-15 days.
  • All engines are tested, and settings are adjusted to Kubota specs.