Advantages of Rebuilt Engines

by Country Sales and Service, LLC on November 20, 2020

Does your engine need repair? Has your mechanic suggested a rebuilt engine? When an engine has quit running properly, deciding to pay for repairs or having it rebuilt are two things to consider.

One thing to consider is the age of your equipment. And, secondly, what is your budget? Typically, rebuilt engines are more expensive initially, but can save you in the long run with costly and lengthy repairs.

Please continue reading below where we discuss the advantages of rebuilt engines.

What are Rebuilt Engines?

The technicians at Country Sales and Service, LLC use certain tools and their professional knowledge to clean bores and hones to rebuild your engine from start to finish.

When you receive your engine, you will receive an engine that will be running like new again with an improved and proficient performance.

When opting for a rebuilt engine, this can save you money, rather than going out and buying a brand-new engine or new equipment.

Country Sales and Service provides all customers with a rebuilt engine warranty and can have your engine rebuilt in 10 – 15 days. Give us a call today at 330-870-2885.

Benefits of Rebuilt Engines at Country Sales and Service

There are a few benefits to having a rebuilt engine from Country Sales and Service, LLC.

Read below to learn more about rebuilt engines:

  1. Rebuilt engines from Country Sales and Service are disassembled and cleaned with Enviro-Quip Washing System.
  2. All Circlips, gaskets, injectors, main bearings, piston and piston pins, rear and front wear sleeves, rings, rod bearings, rod bushings, seals, thermostats, thrust bearings, and water pumps are all replaced with OEM parts.
  3. If the current parts do not meet the engine's specifications, we will replace the following components: blocks, cam, crank, front cover, front gears, front pully and nut, heads, injection pump, lift pump, oil pan, and pump.
  4. Cast parts are inspected for cracks and upgraded to fit the engine's specs. Also, cylinder blocks are honed and bored.
  5. At Country Sales and Service, we do not weld or remanufactured parts. Instead, if the parts do not meet the engine's model specs, we replace them with new OEM parts.
  6. When choosing Country Sales and Service for your rebuilt engine needs, you can receive your rebuilt engine back in as little as 10-15 days!
  7. Before engines are given back to the customer, they are tested, and all settings are adjusted to comply with the engine's model specs. So, you can ensure your engine will be running just like new again.

Pros and Cons of Rebuilt Engines

When deciding between a rebuilt engine and buying a new engine, it can be a difficult decision. Below is a list of the pros and cons of having an engine rebuilt.


  1. Rebuilt engines have an increase in fuel economy and horsepower
  2. Rebuilt engines are rebuilt to mimic brand-new engines
  3. Rebuilds can be a more affordable option to help keep your equipment up and running


  1. Rebuilt engines can take up to 10-15 days when choosing Country Sales and Service. Depending on when you need your engine back, this may not be a feasible option.
  2. Larger engines tend to cost more to be rebuilt. Depending on the number of cylinders – your price can increase to have the engine rebuilt.

There are many advantages to having your engine rebuilt. If you have an old classic tractor that you do not want to part with, but the engine needs repaired- rebuilding the engine may be the best option. However, if you cannot have your equipment down for 10-15 days, buying a new engine may be the best route.

If you are curious about rebuilding your engine, contact one of our technicians today, receive more information, turnaround time, and pricing for your rebuilt engine.

Call Country Sales and Service at 330-870-2885 today.

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