Tips for Mowing Wet Grass with a Zero Turn Mower

by Country Sales and Service, LLC on March 18, 2021

April showers bring May flowers – that is the saying, right? April is here, and if anything like the saying goes, we will probably see some rain. While rain is good for gardens and crops, it can make it difficult to mow your yard. But the experts at Country Sales and Service has your back. We have four important tips to remember when mowing wet grass.

Mowing Wet Grass Tips

While it is not always advised to mow wet grass, sometimes you cannot avoid it. If you must mow wet grass in your zero-turn mower, we have some tips for you!

Mow Slow

Mowing grass while it is still wet is not recommended. However, sometimes it is unavoidable. When your grass is wet, the ground is soft, and it is very easy to pull grass out from the ground instead of just cutting it. Instead, when you must mow while it is wet, take your time, relax, and think about saving your yard.

Pull the Throttle Back

As mentioned above, it is advised to mow slow when mowing wet grass. To help you slow down your mowing speed is to turn the engine speed down. In most zero-turn mowers, this is done by the throttle lever. The throttle should run at about ¾. This can help by not pushing sticks as far forward and will make the hydros less responsible and less likely to ruin your lawn. By pulling the throttle back can help decrease the blade tip speed.

Fewer Square Turns

Normally in a zero-turn mower, you will make square turns. However, in wet situations, round turns are better. By making a pivot motion, this increases the chances of tearing your yard and grass up. When making round turns, it may not always look the greatest now, but you can always go back over it when the grass dries out. In the end, your grass will thank you.

Mow Hills Up and Down

You can help save your yard by mowing up and down hills. However, if you must mow a steep hill, do not mow up and down. Only do this on gradual slopes. Mowing across a hill often causes stress on the grass. Yes, your grass can get stressed out. Stressed grass can lead to it getting ripped out and leaving patches in your yard.

As always, it is not recommended to mow in wet conditions. If you know the yard will dry out in a few days, it may be best to wait until then. However, if you cannot wait and must mow during wet conditions, following these steps can help save your yard.

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