Misconceptions about Used Kubota Tractors

by Country Sales and Service, LLC on May 10, 2021

When looking for a tractor and visiting your local Kubota tractor dealership, you may notice a few used tractors within your price range. Unfortunately, many customers don’t look twice at used tractors; instead, their main focus is the shiny new ones. There is nothing wrong with purchasing a new tractor, but there is nothing wrong with purchasing a used tractor either. Many people steer away from used tractors because of misconceptions. Every tractor is different, and some of these misconceptions may prove to be true, but overall, purchasing a used Kubota tractor can be a good purchase.

Misconceptions about Used Kubota Tractors

Not all used tractors should be thrown away to the dump and never looked at twice. When purchasing a used tractor, not only can you get a good working tractor, but this may also save your pocketbook some money. Below are some misconceptions about used tractors,

Used tractors are worn out.

Many people trade in their Kubota tractors, but it is not always because they no longer work. Typically, a Kubota tractor has been traded is because the customer’s focus has changed. For example, they may have bought their tractor needing it to haul hay but now have moved on to something bigger; it does not always mean the tractor is fried. Kubota tractors can live for up to 4,500 – 5,000 hours if a Kubota tractor has been properly maintained. Typically, tractors get traded in around the 1,000-hour mark. This means these tractors still have a lot of life left and waiting for a new home.

The tractor was traded for a “reason.”

While this may be true, it does not mean that the tractor is not in good working order. Again, as mentioned above, typically, a tractor is traded in because the Kubota tractor no longer does the job that is needed, but not always because of mechanical reasons.

The previous owner did not care for the tractor.

While this can be the reason for the trade-in, it is not always a common reason. Most Kubota customers take excellent care of their tractors. By changing the oil or conducting the proper maintenance, Kubota owners know that the tractor will live to its fullest potential.

You cannot purchase parts for older Kubota tractors.

Kubota has one of the best parts programs in the agricultural industry. If you need a part for your Kubota tractor, our team members at Country Sales and Service can get you the part you need. Even if we do not have the part in stock, we can order it for you, and your part can be in stock within a few days. If you need a rebuilt engine for your Kubota tractor, our excellent team members will rebuild the engine to Kubota spec. Contact us today for your engine and parts needs.

You cannot find shop manuals for older Kubota tractors.

If you are interested in DIY projects, purchasing a used Kubota tractor is one of the best projects. Shop manuals are pretty much always available. So, if you are unsure how to get your tractor up and running, you can contact our shop team and get you the information you need.

There is no support for used Kubota tractors.

Typically, used older tractors have outlived their warranty. However, suppose the tractor needs a rebuilt engine. In that case, we can rebuild the engine and offer a 1-year warranty with unlimited hours from the invoice date. If something goes wrong within this year, our shop team will take care of it and help you get your tractor back up and running.

Used Kubota tractors are “cheap.”

Cheap is not always a negative thing. Cheap does not always mean that the tractor lacks value. Kubota diesel engines have a reputation for having a workable value for many years and thousands of hours. Kubota tractors are typically not expensive, but the quality and the craftsmanship are what Kubota is known for. You get more for your money.

Kubota tractors do not have many features.

This is true; however, not having as many features is not always bad. Typically, customers are looking for a machine that will get the job done. And while some features can make the job easier, older used Kubota tractors work just as hard and can still get the job done.

Used Kubota Tractors Are Not Always Bad

While each one of these misconceptions can be true to some extent, they are not true for every tractor. When you are looking for a used Kubota tractor, be sure to check all these things out before making your purchase. Most used Kubota tractors will retain their value for the life of the tractor. And by purchasing a used tractor, you get more machines for your money. One of the biggest pros to purchasing a used tractor is who you are buying it from. Buying a used Kubota tractor from a well-respected dealership is where you will get the best tractor.

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