Five Early Season Mowing Tips

by Country Sales and Service, LLC on March 16, 2021

With Spring season upon us, many of you are already bringing out your lawnmowers and working towards having a beautiful yard. Our team at Country Sales and Service has provided you with some early season mowing tips and maintenance.

Mowing Tips

Do you want a healthier yard? Do you want a yard that will make your neighbors jealous? Continue reading below to find early mowing tips for a beautiful and healthy yard this Spring.

Set the Deck High

During the early part of the mowing season, experts suggest that you mow high and often. While it may seem like more work because you will have to mow more often, you will like your yard's outcome and look.

Keep Blades Sharp

Being up to date on your mower maintenance is important. We recommend that you sharpen your blades after every 8 to 10 cuts. If you have a small yard, you can wait longer than this recommended time to sharpen your blades.

Cut Dry Grass

Sometimes it is easier to mow early mornings. But, sometimes in the morning, the grass is still wet from the dew. Grass cuts better when it is dry. Not only will it cut better, but you will like the appearance. When you cut grass while it is still wet, you may notice larger clippings and clumps.

Remove the Bagger

Many people believe that using a bagger is better for your lawn. Instead, removing the bagger will leave behind short clippings. These clippings will provide your lawn with nutrients and help it grow.

Change Your Mowing Pattern

Switch up your Spring mowing patterns. When you alternate your cutting direction weekly, this helps improve the lawn's appearance and overall health.


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